A deserved 3rd place and a disappointing 17th place was the results af Christians weekend In Portland. It wasn’t a surprise that we had expectations for more. But looking beyond the results, there was a lot of positive things to point out. In the last race Christian clocked in the fastest lap, showing that the speed is there still. It has just been bad luck throughout the weekend. Thats also part of racing. During the testsessions prior to the raceweekend Christian and the team worked hard to get as much feeling of the track as possible. It paid out well, as Christian got the P3 spot for race 1. He later was shown a penalty, putting him two spots back on the grid. Not being fast enough to reduce speed in a yellow zone did put him on P5 in the starting lineup for race 1. In the second qualification session there was no penalty shown, and as Christian yet again clocked in the 3rd fastest time, he claimed the P3 on the starting lineup for race 2. The team was not completely happy with the pace of the car, so they did some minor adjustments prior to the races.

The adjustments did pay off, and during race 1, we were shown the difference between the 3-4 fastest drivers, and the rest of the pack. Christian got a great start, moving from P5 to P3 after turn one. From there, the three in front never looked back, and at the checkered flag Christian had easily kept P3, with crazy 10,7 seconds to P4. A well defending Braden Eves rejected every attempt of overtaking, from Christian. The fight between the two gave Hunter McElrea in front, some peace, and he took off, ending 5 seconds ahead. Of course Christian was disappointed not to be able to pass Braden Eves, but nevertheless he scored important points for the championship.

In race 2 the scene was set for an exciting start, as the three fastest drivers all wanted to get through turn one first. Starts have always been one of the biggest forces of Christians racing, and here it was no different. But in the attempt to get in a good position, the tire valve on his left front wheel was clipped by an opponent, causing a puncture. That meant a whole lap with a flat tire, until he could get in pit for a change. When he returned to the track, he was dead last, with over 40 seconds to the nearest competitor, and around a minute to the leader. Mission impossible - but Christian never quits. So if you look beyond the end result this race was one of his greatest of all time. At the checkered flag Christian had caught up with the backend of the pack, and in the last corner he did overtake to end up P17 of the 18 cars starting the race. Amazing driving of the young Dane, and the performance was also hailed by the commentators. Finishing off with the fastest lap of the race, he earned himself a very important extra point for the championship.

“This is also a part of racing, but we never give up. I am SO proud of the team, showing great skills changing the tire. The car was perfect, so it was just to get the head down, and floor it. Tough with the missing points, but in the last raceweekend, I am the one having everything to win, so there you will see me doing everything possible to reach the championship podium,” Christian said.

He is still at the P5 in the championship trailing 12 points to P4 and 16 points to P3. So there are a clear goal to aim for in the two last rounds of the season, at the legendary Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca in California at September 20-22.

Thanks for the massive support to Christian, both from sponsors, fans, The Danish Motorsport Organisation and the Team Danmark Organisation. The support is a big part of Christians succes.

/Christian Rasmussen Racing