“An insane weekend! I knew I had good speed, and that we were on the right track. So I actually had a feeling that this would be my weekend - and it for sure became my weekend.”

Christian Rasmussen are still having trouble to believe what has really happened. The first dane ever to participate in the Road To Indy programme, and now the first dane with a race win on top of that. It is huge, both for Christian and his family, the team and for danish motorsport.

Christian had a perfect preparation for the weekend with a solid test at Mid-Ohio. Here he and the team of Jay Howard Driver Development showed that they were back on track, and up to speed. So everybody had a gut feeling that this could be the weekend.

Practice session showed that the fight in the top was going to be close. Christian and the team only focused on minor adjustments on the setup of the car, so ending in P7 didn’t worry team owner Jay Howard.

“We made the adjustments we wanted and Christian was very happy with the car. Of course it would have been nice, if the session didn’t end with a red flag after only 11 laps, but we got what we came for,” said Jay Howard.

Christian Rasmussen went out in qualifying pushing from the start, and instantly was in the top of the charts. On lap 5 he ticked in the fastest lap, and shortly after a driver crashed in turn 8. The clean up after the incident lasted so long that the session ended without another hot lap. That meant that Christians fastest times enough for a pole position for race 1.

A perfect start of the weekend, Christians first USF2000 pole. But it was only the beginning. In qualification for race 2 Christian had a long fight for the top spot with Darren Keane. At the end Christian had to accept the P2 on the grid. Never the less there was big smiles with Christian and the team of Jay Howard Driver Development.

And the smile became even bigger. In race 1 Christian gat a perfect start, and very quickly he pulled out ahead of the rest. A minor braking mistake put Christian back in 3rd spot. But he quickly got back and overtook Hunter McElrea, putting him back in the race-ending P2 position. 

In race 2 Christian lead the pack from the exit of turn 1, right until the checkered flag. At the green flag Christian made a great overtake on leader Darren Keane. After that he didn’t look back, and very fast he pulled out a 3 second lead. Only three safety car periods gave some tension in the front five. But Christian could smell the victory, and was very disciplined and showed great defending skills. Even when he at the last lap had Darren Keane right at the rear wing, he denied him cleverly, and finally he could drive his car into Winners Circle, cheering loudly.

A huge redemption for Christian, and to get the first win, with his family right beside him, made it even better. His mother Vivi was truly a happy mom.

“I am SO happy. Christian has been fighting so hard for his succes, and being on the sideline at his first victory is just huge for all of us. We are all high on happiness!”

Christian Rasmussen Racing want to thank all the sponsors and partners. And a huge thanks to all the great fans for your constant support

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