Thats the title of Joe Cockers soundtrack for the movie “An officer and a gentleman.” And in many ways the story of that movie is similar to Christians fight for succes in the USF2000. Succes rarely comes from going in a straight line. There is always bumps on the way, making you loose focus on the target. Fortunately Christian has maintained focus, and now he is back where he belongs - in the top of the field in USF2000.

The last race on Road America, and the official test at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, shows that Christian is back on top.

Even though the first race ended just 2 laps away from the checkered flag, the lap times showed great speed, but unfortunately after being hit from behind of an opponent, Christian ended his first race in the wall. In the second race he showed that he hasn’t forgotten how to drive fast. Second fastest of the weekend and a P5 was the result.

After the weekend Christian and the team went to Mid-Ohio to take part in the official series test. Here they continued to show great speed, and only a local thunderstorm kept Christian from setting a lap time on brand new tires. The team was constantly in the top of the charts, and the team was very satisfied with the results, as was Christian.

“We showed that we are back, and that we were in there, setting the pace for the test.”

Christian was very relaxed about not setting the fastest lap time. 

“You know, testing is more than just setting the fastest laps. For some it is kind of a show-off where you always have to be on top of the others. Thats not the case in our team. We are, with great focus working on different setups of the car, to try and find the setup that fits best for me on this track. And you have to remember that when the green flags drops, everybody is equal tyre-wise. You can’t just put on new tires for every ten laps. I am very confident that we have the right setup,” Christian said.

The last testsession was, as earlier said, stopped by a thunderstorm, and that meant that Christian could reach his flight, going home to attend to his graduation party, as he just graduated from Niels Brock Gymnasium. And the most important, to be part of the tradition where you get your graduation cap.

Now there is a short break before Christian, in two weeks take off for the 8th and 9th round of the championship, racing in Toronto, Canada. Keep an eye on the Facebook and the website to get more information about schedules for the next round.

Christian wants to say a huge thanks to everybody that has made it possible for him to study alongside of pursuing his dream in racing. A special thanks to The Danish Motorsports Organisation, for pointing him out as a Team Denmark Talent, and a special thanks to Team Denmark for the massive support throughout the years. A very special thanks to the teachers and staff at Niels Brock, not least counsellor Ulla Leegaard Justesen.

“It has been some fantastic years on Niels Brock, and now I feel ready to take on the future,” Christian ended.

/Christian Rasmussen Racing