After a setback in the USF2000 weekend at Indianapolis Raceway, it was time for redemption for the young dane from Copenhagen. At the oval track in Indianapolis (Lucas Oil Raceway), Christian showed that the team is getting back to the strength they showed in the opening at St Petersburg, back in March. Even though oval racing is somewhat different than racing on a normal raceway, Christian showed that he can master that disciplin of racing as good as his opponents. He ended up on a solid P6, starting from P15.

Qualification wasn’t a succes for Christian. Even though 3/10 of a second doesn’t sound like a lot, it is an eternity on a short oval with a normal lap time of only 22 seconds. In the qualification you have two laps to set a time, and the two laps combined makes your place on the grid. That did put Christian in a somehow disappointing P15, providing him with a lot of work ahead - and a lot of overtaking, in only 75 laps on the short oval track. But when it comes to nerves of steel, Christian is one of the toughest drivers. He fears nothing. Courage also is a key factor, as the difference between succes and failure often is measured in millimeters. It means wheel rubbing wheels and walls, to find your way up the pack.

Shortly after the start Christian was at P13, and after 25 laps he was at P10. That was where the fist accident of the race happened, sending Brazilian driver Bruna Tomaselli and Manuel Cabrera out of the race, when Cabrera tried to lap the Brazilian. That meant a spot forward for Christian. Before Jack W. Miller for the 5th time of 5 possible exited the race before the finish - this time in a solo accident on lap 60, Christian had overtaken a few more drivers. And on the last 15 laps, he succeeded to gain another spot, ending P6. Had there been another 3-4 laps, he could have made a move on the championship leader, Braden Eves, who were struggling finding the speed in the hot evening sun. 

A strong respond from Christian, and the team - after last race weeks disaster.

Now Christian has almost a month before taking on the Road America on June 22.-23.