Five in a row - what a weekend in Mid-Ohio!

Five in a row - what a weekend in Mid-Ohio!

Christian was ready to continue the streak from Toronto og Atlanta, when he entered Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. The team was on the roll with a 2nd place and a win for Christian, and was aiming for a repetition in Mid-Ohio - hopefully two wins. Let’s be honest, it was a fantastic weekend for Christian and the team of Jay Howard Driver Development.

Looking back to the official test on the track a month ago, there were some signs showing that Christian and the team have found the speed again, and it proved right. Already from the start of the weekend Christian and Pabst driver Hunter McElrea looked to be in a class for them selves. Qualifying 1 ended with a pole for McElrea, with Christian in P2 only 1/10 of a second behind. And in qualifying 2 the picture was the same, but with Christian only 1/100 of a second behind the Australian. 

When it comes to pure racing Christian have shown that he is hard to beat. And when the field got the green flag for race 1, Christian showed why. In turn 2 he made a brilliant move on McElrea to take the lead. And from there on he did not look back. When he took the checkered flag he was leading with mind-blowing 9,57 seconds to Hunter McElrea. 

“It was a massive win for me, and for the team. To be able to brake away that clean, and give the team some well earned time in the spotlight, just feels SO good,” Christian said. 

“A back to back win in this tough series is really something special. I want to hug the whole world right now.”

It might have been tough to fall asleep after an adrenalin rush like that, but in the second race, Christian looked like he had a good nights sleep. The lineup for the race looked the same in the front row as Saturday, and again Christian got away from the pack. Only this time McElrea was ahead of him. Christian tried several times to make a move on the Australian, but eventually made a minor braking error, that put him about a second behind McElrea. But again Christian showed that he is the hottest driver at the moment. At the checkered flag he came in just 5/10 of second behind Hunter McElrea, and 7,6 seconds in front of P3.  And after the weekend he is the top scorer of points in the last five races, with 110 points. Five races in a row, ending in the top-2 helps a lot in that matter.
“Again it was a great start from me, but Hunter was clever and kept the door closed. I made a small mistake in the middle of the race, that put me back a little, so I had to accept second place. But man what a race. Hunter is great racedriver, and he proved today and yesterday, that he races with respect for his opponents. I really appreciate that. He deserved the win.”

After this weekend Christian is going back to Denmark to do the final exams, before he can take some vacation. Now there is about a month before the next round of the championship, taking place in Portland Oregon in August 29th - September 1st. 

To do what Christian does, is no one man deal. It all start with the most important part - the family. They have to be 100% supportive for a top athlete to be this succesful. And Christian really is blessed in that matter. Both mom and dad have been behind Christian all the way, as have his sister and brother. It is a family matter, and they like it that way.

But you don’t race a single meter if you haven’t got the funds for it. Therefore sponsors is a very important part of racing. To find good sponsors is hard work, and Christian have been working very hard to find some great sponsors. And being able to pay back with victories is very satisfying for him. He hopes to prove he is worth the money. 

Last, but not least is the team. A good racedriver won’t go fast enough to win, if the team around him, isn’t tuned in on the same channel. Being part of Jay Howard Driver Development have proven just that. 

“We have been through some ups and downs, but we have also proven that when we stick together and work as a family, we can be very hard to beat. I feel really blessed to work with Jay.”

Jay Howard also have some thoughts about Christian, and where he is at the moment. 

“Christian had yet another phenomenal weekend. Getting back to back wins shows that the momentum is good right now. Christian is learning every week, and he is really starting to understand how to get the very best out of himself. I’m so happy for him and am excited to keep watching his progress.”

“So I will like to send a big THANK YOU! to all my sponsors: FTZ Autodele, Rema 1000 Danmark, Dansk Metal, Dansk Turbo Teknik, Carta Autofinans A/S, Midland Oil Danmark, Holgershaab, Brendstrup Revision ApS, Julie Bardenfleth Rengøring and thanks for the huge support from DASU and Team Danmark. And also a thanks to Make-A-Wish Denmark for giving me the opportunity to be ambassador. It means a lot.”

Now Christian is off to get som vacation before next race in August 29 - September 1. Until then - have a great summer!

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Fantastic weekend for Christian in Toronto

Fantastic weekend for Christian in Toronto

“An insane weekend! I knew I had good speed, and that we were on the right track. So I actually had a feeling that this would be my weekend - and it for sure became my weekend.”

Christian Rasmussen are still having trouble to believe what has really happened. The first dane ever to participate in the Road To Indy programme, and now the first dane with a race win on top of that. It is huge, both for Christian and his family, the team and for danish motorsport.

Christian had a perfect preparation for the weekend with a solid test at Mid-Ohio. Here he and the team of Jay Howard Driver Development showed that they were back on track, and up to speed. So everybody had a gut feeling that this could be the weekend.

Practice session showed that the fight in the top was going to be close. Christian and the team only focused on minor adjustments on the setup of the car, so ending in P7 didn’t worry team owner Jay Howard.

“We made the adjustments we wanted and Christian was very happy with the car. Of course it would have been nice, if the session didn’t end with a red flag after only 11 laps, but we got what we came for,” said Jay Howard.

Christian Rasmussen went out in qualifying pushing from the start, and instantly was in the top of the charts. On lap 5 he ticked in the fastest lap, and shortly after a driver crashed in turn 8. The clean up after the incident lasted so long that the session ended without another hot lap. That meant that Christians fastest times enough for a pole position for race 1.

A perfect start of the weekend, Christians first USF2000 pole. But it was only the beginning. In qualification for race 2 Christian had a long fight for the top spot with Darren Keane. At the end Christian had to accept the P2 on the grid. Never the less there was big smiles with Christian and the team of Jay Howard Driver Development.

And the smile became even bigger. In race 1 Christian gat a perfect start, and very quickly he pulled out ahead of the rest. A minor braking mistake put Christian back in 3rd spot. But he quickly got back and overtook Hunter McElrea, putting him back in the race-ending P2 position. 

In race 2 Christian lead the pack from the exit of turn 1, right until the checkered flag. At the green flag Christian made a great overtake on leader Darren Keane. After that he didn’t look back, and very fast he pulled out a 3 second lead. Only three safety car periods gave some tension in the front five. But Christian could smell the victory, and was very disciplined and showed great defending skills. Even when he at the last lap had Darren Keane right at the rear wing, he denied him cleverly, and finally he could drive his car into Winners Circle, cheering loudly.

A huge redemption for Christian, and to get the first win, with his family right beside him, made it even better. His mother Vivi was truly a happy mom.

“I am SO happy. Christian has been fighting so hard for his succes, and being on the sideline at his first victory is just huge for all of us. We are all high on happiness!”

Christian Rasmussen Racing want to thank all the sponsors and partners. And a huge thanks to all the great fans for your constant support

Thanks to Dansk Metal REMA 1000 Danmark Midland Oil Danmark FTZ Autodele & Værktøj A/S Dansk Turbo Teknik A/S Dansk Automobil Sports Union Julie Bardenfleth Rengøring CARTA Autofinans A/S Brendstrup Revision Aps Holgershaab Team Danmark Jay Howard Driver Development

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Up where we belong!

Up where we belong!

Thats the title of Joe Cockers soundtrack for the movie “An officer and a gentleman.” And in many ways the story of that movie is similar to Christians fight for succes in the USF2000. Succes rarely comes from going in a straight line. There is always bumps on the way, making you loose focus on the target. Fortunately Christian has maintained focus, and now he is back where he belongs - in the top of the field in USF2000.

The last race on Road America, and the official test at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, shows that Christian is back on top.

Even though the first race ended just 2 laps away from the checkered flag, the lap times showed great speed, but unfortunately after being hit from behind of an opponent, Christian ended his first race in the wall. In the second race he showed that he hasn’t forgotten how to drive fast. Second fastest of the weekend and a P5 was the result.

After the weekend Christian and the team went to Mid-Ohio to take part in the official series test. Here they continued to show great speed, and only a local thunderstorm kept Christian from setting a lap time on brand new tires. The team was constantly in the top of the charts, and the team was very satisfied with the results, as was Christian.

“We showed that we are back, and that we were in there, setting the pace for the test.”

Christian was very relaxed about not setting the fastest lap time. 

“You know, testing is more than just setting the fastest laps. For some it is kind of a show-off where you always have to be on top of the others. Thats not the case in our team. We are, with great focus working on different setups of the car, to try and find the setup that fits best for me on this track. And you have to remember that when the green flags drops, everybody is equal tyre-wise. You can’t just put on new tires for every ten laps. I am very confident that we have the right setup,” Christian said.

The last testsession was, as earlier said, stopped by a thunderstorm, and that meant that Christian could reach his flight, going home to attend to his graduation party, as he just graduated from Niels Brock Gymnasium. And the most important, to be part of the tradition where you get your graduation cap.

Now there is a short break before Christian, in two weeks take off for the 8th and 9th round of the championship, racing in Toronto, Canada. Keep an eye on the Facebook and the website to get more information about schedules for the next round.

Christian wants to say a huge thanks to everybody that has made it possible for him to study alongside of pursuing his dream in racing. A special thanks to The Danish Motorsports Organisation, for pointing him out as a Team Denmark Talent, and a special thanks to Team Denmark for the massive support throughout the years. A very special thanks to the teachers and staff at Niels Brock, not least counsellor Ulla Leegaard Justesen.

“It has been some fantastic years on Niels Brock, and now I feel ready to take on the future,” Christian ended.

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Christian is back!

Christian is back!

After a historic low-point in his racing career, Christian and the team stroke back on Road America, getting a solid result in the final round they proved that they are back in business.

It could have been a lot better, if it wasn’t for an incident in the first race, that took Christian out of the race from a P6 position. With two laps to go af the race, he got hit in the rear by an opponent and spun off, and in to the wall. Although it was a tough ending to the race, Christian was calm in his aftermath. 

“Well of course I am not happy with the incident, but it is racing, and sometimes you have to react in a split second, and sometimes your decision is a wrong one - like this time. So I have no bad feelings for Jak Crawford (#52 car; red). He is a skilled driver and things like this are just what happens.”

Christian was very pleased with the car, up until the accident, that put his team on overtime. 

“The car was running pretty good, and we were in the fun end of the field. We still needed a bit more speed, but not much. Now I hope that we have got our share of misfortune, and that the luck is on our side, going forward.”

The team of Jay Howard Driver Development had a busy night, getting the car ready. And of course Christian was excited to see wether the car could be back to same racing conditions than in the first race. He was starting from P3, so it would be nice to get some solid points for the championship.

It was even faster!

“It was a fantastic car”, Christian said.

“It was even faster than yesterday, and I was having a good feel of the car. I can’t thank the guys enough for there work and dedication to get the car up and running, fast enough to set the second fastest lap of the race. We are back!”, Christian said, with a smile on his face.

Oh, yes, there was this little spin, going from P2 to P5. Being under pressure from behind, you sometimes have to defend. And this time Christian ended up outside the racing line, where the grip wasn’t as good as needed. Christian showed some great skills though, keeping the car on track, and rapidly got back in the race, only loosing 3 positions. 

“It was a great race, and an awesome track. A true favorite. And we are for real, back in the game. I have to clean up some minor mistakes before Toronto, so no we are off to Mid-Ohio for some testing. Again I owe a lot to everybody in the team - You did an outstanding job!”, Christian ended.

Next outing for Christian will be the series test on Mid-Ohio, June 26.-27. The next round of the championship will be in Toronto on July 12.-14.


Christian er tilbage!

Efter et historisk lavpunkt i sin racing karriere, slog Christian og teamet tilbage på Road America og med et solidt resultat i den sidste runde, beviste de, at de for alvor er tilbage.

Det kunne have været meget bedre , hvis ikke det var for et uheld i første løb i weekenden. Et uheld der sendte Christian ud af løbet fra en P6. Med to omgange tilbage af løbet, blev han ramt i bagenden af en konkurrent og spandt af banen, og ind i muren. Selvom det var en hård afslutning på løbet var Christian dog meget afslappet i sin analyse, efter løbet. 

“Selvfølgelig er jeg træt af uheldet, men det er den slags ting der sker i racerløb. Nogen gange skal man bare reagere i et splitsekund, og nogen gange tager du en forkert beslutning - præcis som denne her gang. Jeg er ikke sur på Jak Crawford (#2 bilen; red). Han er en erfaren og dygtig kører og den slags ting sker bare.”

Christian var meget tilfreds med bilen op til uheldet., der sendte hans team på overarbejde.

“Bilen var rigtig god, og vi var med i den sjove ende af feltet. Vi manglede stadig en smule fart, men ikke meget. Nu håber jeg bare at vi har fået opbrugt vores kvote af uheld, og at heldet begynder at tilsmile os, fremadrettet.”

Teamet hos Jay Howard Driver Development havde en travl aften og nat, med at få Christians bil klar til næste dag. Og selvfølgelig var Christian spændt på at se om bilen kunne blive lige så god som i første løb. Han skulle starte løb 2 fra P3, så det ville være rart med nogle gode point til mesterskabet.

Bilen var endnu bedre!

“Det var en fantastisk bil,” lød det fra Christian.

“Den var endnu hurtigere end i går, og jeg havde en fantastisk følelse i bilen. Jeg kan ikke takke gutterne nok for deres arbejde og dedikation, for at få bilen klar, og ovenikøbet så klar at jeg kunne sætte andenhurtigste tid i løbet. Vi er tilbage!”, sagde Christian med et stort smil.

Nå ja, så var der den lille snurretur, der betød at det blev P5 og ikke P2. Når man er under stort pres bagfra, er det jo af og til vigtigt at forsvare sig. Og i denne situation betød det at Christian endte udenfor idealsporet, hvor grebet i banen ikke var så godt som nødvendigt. Christian viste dog sine evner flot frem, holdt bilen på banen og var hurtig tilbage i løbet. Derfor kostede det kun 3 placeringer.

“Det var et fedt race, og en fed bane. Helt klart en favoritbane. Og vi er for alvor tilbage i kampen. Jeg har nogle småfejl der skal styr på før Toronto, så nu tager vi til Mid-Ohio for at teste. Endnu engang, Jeg skylder en kæmpe tak til alle i teamet - I gjorde et fantastisk stykke arbejde!”, sluttede Christian.

Næste opgave for Christian er den officielle test på Mid-Ohio 26.-27. Juni. Næste runde af mesterskabet er i Toronto 12.-14. Juli

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Strong return by Christian in the oval race.

Strong return by Christian in the oval race.

After a setback in the USF2000 weekend at Indianapolis Raceway, it was time for redemption for the young dane from Copenhagen. At the oval track in Indianapolis (Lucas Oil Raceway), Christian showed that the team is getting back to the strength they showed in the opening at St Petersburg, back in March. Even though oval racing is somewhat different than racing on a normal raceway, Christian showed that he can master that disciplin of racing as good as his opponents. He ended up on a solid P6, starting from P15.

Qualification wasn’t a succes for Christian. Even though 3/10 of a second doesn’t sound like a lot, it is an eternity on a short oval with a normal lap time of only 22 seconds. In the qualification you have two laps to set a time, and the two laps combined makes your place on the grid. That did put Christian in a somehow disappointing P15, providing him with a lot of work ahead - and a lot of overtaking, in only 75 laps on the short oval track. But when it comes to nerves of steel, Christian is one of the toughest drivers. He fears nothing. Courage also is a key factor, as the difference between succes and failure often is measured in millimeters. It means wheel rubbing wheels and walls, to find your way up the pack.

Shortly after the start Christian was at P13, and after 25 laps he was at P10. That was where the fist accident of the race happened, sending Brazilian driver Bruna Tomaselli and Manuel Cabrera out of the race, when Cabrera tried to lap the Brazilian. That meant a spot forward for Christian. Before Jack W. Miller for the 5th time of 5 possible exited the race before the finish - this time in a solo accident on lap 60, Christian had overtaken a few more drivers. And on the last 15 laps, he succeeded to gain another spot, ending P6. Had there been another 3-4 laps, he could have made a move on the championship leader, Braden Eves, who were struggling finding the speed in the hot evening sun. 

A strong respond from Christian, and the team - after last race weeks disaster.

Now Christian has almost a month before taking on the Road America on June 22.-23.

A weekend to forget for Christian.

A weekend to forget for Christian.

What should have been a weekend where Christian finally got a result that matches his skills, became a disaster weekend. Only the last race was one to remember.


Practice Friday was rainy, normally a weather condition that suits Christian pretty well. But the car wasn’t performing as it should. It is pretty easy to blame the equipment when you can’t find the speed. But going from being fastest in Saint Petersburg, to second-last in the first practice on a road course, that has nothing to do with lack of skills. 


In the first qualification session, things weren’t better. 1.3 second of the polesitter was very disappointing and the team was really struggling to find the issue, that made the car so hard to handle. 

It looked like some issues was located and fixed for the second qualification, where Christian put the car on 15thspot, but still a second of the polesitter, so it was back to the drawing board. 


In the first race on Friday the speed of the car was better, but unfortunately Christian had an incident with another driver, that put him dead last of the remaining cars on the track. He eventually did find some more speed, and as he got the track more and more under his skin, he ended up on a high note – even though finishing last.


That called for full attack in race two, and that is where Christian is at his best. Battling up through the field he shortly sniffed to P7, but ended the race at P8, satisfied with ending on a high note.


“We have had a lot of issues with the balance in the car, and of course it is frustrating when you know you are faster than what the timetable shows. But the only thing there is to do, is put your head down, and work together as a team to solve the issues. I am confident that we now have solved the issues, and I am looking forward to the next round at the oval, Lucas Oil Raceway.”

Missed it by 400 meters!

Missed it by 400 meters!

The final run of the opening weekend of the USF2000 series was almost perfect for Christian. All he needed was the last 400 meters from the last turn, to the finish line.

But Darren Keane changed all that. Cracking under Christians immense pressure during 25 laps, he failed his braking in the last turn, spinning and being right under his rear wing, it was impossible for Christian to turn wide enough to avoid collision.

Up until that last corner, the two of them, had been fighting hard for the top spot, during the whole race. Darren started the race on pole, Christian on P3, and in between was Braden Eves. Already in the first corner, Eves got overtaken by Christian, making him go on the outside. And by turn 5 Christian made a brilliant move on Darren Keane, going round the outside to take the lead.

A few laps later Keane took back the lead. But he could not shake loose from Christian, who was right on his tale for the whole race. A few times it looked like a succes for Christian, and at the last lap he was so close to Keane, that the american eventually cracked under the pressure, throwing away a certain victory. And taking Christian out as well. They ended up 14th and 15th, leaving the win to to be taken by Braden Eves.

Even though it was a bitter pill to swallow for Christian, he could travel home to Denmark, with his head up high. He showed them all, that he is ready to go for the championship. In the qualifying he hit the wall at the first session, putting him in 9th spot for the first race. He safely secured a P4, actually was at P3 before the race was red flagged, and he was moved back into 6th place. At the restart he flew past the two ahead of him, and secured some good points.

As a bonus he got an additional point for having the fastest lap of the weekend, emphasizing his position. Right now Christian is just waiting to get back on track, showing the rest that he is up for the fight for first place.


Det sidste løb i åbningsweekenden i USF2000 serien var næsten perfekt for Christian. Det eneste han manglede var de sidste 400 meter fra sidste sving til målstregen.

Men Darren Keane stak en kæp i hjulet på Christians planer. Han knækkede under Christians enorme pres gennem 25 omgange, og missede den sidste nedbremsning og spandt rundt. Christian var helt oppe i hans dækvinge, og kunne ikke undgå at ryge med i faldet.

Indtil sidste sving begge kørere havde kæmpet hårdt for føringen, gennem hele løbet. Darren startede fra pole, Christian på P3 og imellem dem, Braden Eves. Allerede i første sving blev Eves overhalet af Christian, der tvang ham til at blive i ydersporet. Og i sving 5 lavede Christian en fantastisk overhaling på Darren Keane, da han selv valgte yderbanen, uventet for Keane - nu var Christian i føring.

Et par omgange efter overtog Keane igen føringen. Men han kunne dog ikke ryste Christian af sig, han blev lige i ryggen af ham, hele løbet. Flere gange så det ud til at skulle lykkes for Christian, og på sidste omgang var han så tæt på Keane, at amerikaneren til sidst ikke kunne stå for presset, og smed en sikker sejr væk. Desværre tog han Christian med i faldet. De to kørere endte hhv P14 og P15 i løbet, mens sejren gik til Braden Eves.

Selvom det var en bitter pille at sluge for Christian, kunne han rejse hjem med oprejst pande. Han havde vist dem alle at han er klar til at kæmpe for mesterskabet. I kvalifikationens første afdeling ramte Christian muren, hvilket efterlod ham med en 9. plads til første løb. Den vekslede han ganske sikkert til en 4. plads i løbet, og han var endda oppe som P3, inden der kom rødt flag, og han blev rykket ned på P6. Ved genstarten fløj han nemt forbi de to foran ham og sikrede nogle gode og vigtige point til mesterskabet.

Som en bonus fik Christian et ekstra point for hurtigste omgang i weekenden, hvilket understregede hans position som en af mesterskabsfavoritterne. Nu venter Christian bare på at komme tilbage på banen, og vise de andre at han er klar til kampen om mesterskabet.

Christian Rasmussen enter the USF2000 with a strong test weekend!

Christian Rasmussen enter the USF2000 with a strong test weekend!

“I am very satisfied with the weekend. We were very fast through the whole weekend”, Christian said.

Christian and the team entered the official USF2000 test on Homestead Raceway with ambitions to get a good feeling in the car, finding a great setup, and put some laps in the bank. 

“Through all five sessions we were in top 5, ending with the 4thfastest laptime of the weekend. We had a good feeling going into the weekend, and it went very well. Our ambitions were that I found a good rhythm in the car. So being able to get within top 5 in this strong field, is very satisfying”.

Christian had a good feeling in the car, from the start. So instead of going for the fastest lap, the team tried out different adjustments during the weekend. And at finally they ended up with 2-3 strong setups, making them feel very comfortable, heading into the season opener on St. Petersburg, the coming weekend. 

Christian is very eager to get on with the season. The team is on a high note and the mood is great, so it is all set, to be a fine season opener.

“We have a lot of fun in the team, and we laugh a lot. It makes things a lot more fun. Anyway, now I want to go racing for points. See you in St. Pete!” Christian ended with a big smile.



Christian Rasmussen stempler ind i USF2000 med en stærk testweekend!

”Jeg er meget tilfreds med weekenden. Vi har været meget hurtige gennem hele weekenden”, siger Christian.

Christian og teamet ankom til den officielle USF2000 testweekend med ambitioner om at få en god føling med bilen, at finde et godt setup for bilen, og at få nogle omgange under huden.

”Vi var i top 5 igennem alle fem træningssessioner og sluttede med at have den 4. hurtigste tid for weekenden. Vi havde en god følelse inden weekenden, og det gik rigtig godt. Vores ambitioner var, at jeg skulle finde en god rytme i bilen. At vi så kan ende i top 5 uden at stræbe direkte efter det, er meget tilfredsstillende”.

Christian følte sig med det samme godt tilpas i bilen. I stedet for at gå efter hurtigste omgang, testede teamet forskellige justeringer af bilen, gennem weekenden. Man endte op med 2-3 gode setups. Så nu føler de sig rigtig klar til sæsonpremieren i St. Petersburg i den kommende weekend.

Christian glæder sig vildt meget til at få gang i sæsonen. Teamet er i topform, humøret er højt så sæsonen kan bare komme an.

”Vi har det rigtig sjovt i teamet, og vi griner meget sammen. Det gør tingene meget sjovere. Men nu vil jeg altså snart til at køre om point. Vi ses i St. Pete!”, sluttede Christian med et stort smil.

First test of the season is in the book

First test of the season is in the book

Christian just returned to Denmark after the first test of the season. And it was with a big smile on his face.

“It has been a blast driving this car”, Christian exclaimed, when he stepped out of the plane in Copenhagen. 

The team started out on Palm Beach International Raceway, and after some minor mechanical issues, Christian and the team really got the car rolling. 
“As always, it is a pleasure to work with this team around me. They are working a 100% professional, and I feel so relaxed with them by my side”, Christian said. 

After Palm Beach the team went to Barber Motorsports Park for further testing and ending the tour at Roebling Road Raceway. All through the week Christian proved that he was the fastest among the Jay Howard drivers. 

When asked how Christian thought about the first testing in the car, he answered:

“These test days are great fun, and very important in terms of getting to know the car. But you can´t really compare to anyone but your teammates, so you have to have another perspective at it”.

“I don´t really think about the championship at this moment. Instead I work hard to get a good feeling with the car”. 

The car is a Taatus USF-17 with a 2.0 L Mazda engine, producing 175 HK. 
“It is a fantastic racecar”, Christian said.

“It is so much easier to drive than the Formula 4 car, and the speed you can bring into the turns is extreme – it is so fun to drive!”, he ended.  

Now Christian is back in Copenhagen, working hard on a major written assignment ahead of his graduation from Niels Brock Business College, this summer. Because, even though he loves racing more than anything else, he knows the importance of having a solid foundation if the racing career should end. 

Next job for Christian in his new car will be from late next week, where he takes on the last testing before the season opener on March 8th-10thin Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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Første test I sæsonen er overstået

Christian er netop kommet hjem efter den første test i sæsonen. Og det var med et kæmpe smil på ansigtet.

”Det var sindssyg fedt at køre den bil”, udbrød Christian, da han steg ud af flyet i København.

Testen startede på Palm Beach International Raceway, og efter nogle mindre tekniske problemer, fik Christian og teamet virkelig fart i bilen.

”Det er altid en stor fornøjelse at arbejde sammen med det her team. De er 100% professionelle, og jeg føler mig altid afslappet med dem omkring mig”, sagde Christian.

Efter Palm Beach tog teamet til Barber Motorsports Park, for mere test og de endte op med et par dage på Roebling Road Raceway. Igennem ugen viste Christian at han var den hurtigste af Jay Howards chauffører.

På spørgsmålet om hvad Christian synes om den første test i bilen, svarede Christian: 

”Disse testdage er altid rigtig sjove, men også rigtig vigtige, for at lære bilen rigtig godt at kende. Men du kan dog ikke rigtig sammenligne dig med andre end dine teamkammerater. Så du er nødt til at have et andet perspektiv på disse testdage.”

”Jeg tænker faktisk slet ikke på mesterskabet endnu, men fokuserer udelukkende på at få det bedste flow i bilen, og lære den helt at kende”.

Bilen er en Tatuus USF-17 med en 2.0 Liters Mazda motor, der yder 175 HK.

”Det er en fantastisk racerbil”, udbryder Christian.

”Den er så meget lettere at køre end Formel 4 bilen, og det er vanvittigt hvor meget fart du kan tage med ind i svingene – den er så sjov at køre!” sluttede han.

Nu er Christian tilbage i København for at færdiggøre sin hovedopgave forud for eksamen på Niels Brock Business College til sommer. For selvom Christian er fuldt fokuseret på sin racerkarriere, så ved han at det er vigtigt at have et godt fundament at falde tilbage på, hvis racerkarrieren pludselig skulle ende.

Næste opgave for Christian i den nye bil, starter i slutningen af uge 8, hvor han tager afsted til den sidste test, inden sæsonåbningen, d. 8.-10. marts i Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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Reveal of 2019 Season

Reveal of 2019 Season

2019 season has started!

 And what a season it is going to be. You thought Christian had a great season in 2018? Well this year it has potential to get even better.

Following the huge success of driving with Jay Howard Driver Development in the US Formula 4 Series, Christian and the team has agreed on terms for another year. Only this time it will be even better.

This year Christian will be doing the first leg of Road to INDY which is the first step towards driving the INDYCAR series. There is still a long way to INDYCAR, and a lot can happen on the way. But Christian has no doubt that it is the right choice.

“I like it very much over here, and Jay (Jay Howard; red) and his team is the right place for me to grow as a race driver. Both mentally and technically.”

“And taking this next step will be very exciting. We look at 8 race weekends with 15 rounds, and a lot of testing in between, so I should get to know the car very well”, Christian said.

The car is a Tatuus USF-17 introduced in 2017 as a replacement for the Van Diemen USF2000 chassis. It is full carbon composite and aluminum honeycomb monocoque chassis, meeting newest FIA safety standards. The car is powered by a 175 HK, Mazda 2.0-liter engine, and the car is weighing only 500 kg (less driver and fuel).

This year the competition level will increase as this is the official entry to INDYCAR, meaning that a lot of young and hopeful drivers are fighting for success. Christian has a very calm approach to the competition as well as the future.

“Of course, I am thrilled to get this opportunity, taking the first step towards INDYCAR, but it is not my main goal. I will go as far as I can in the single seater series, and if it ends up in INDYCAR, that would be great, but if not, there are so many other directions to go to”.
“For me there is no doubt that the best way to educate yourself as a race driver, is to start in single seaters. The open wheels mean that you are forced to race with respect for your opponent. And that is a key factor in becoming a good race driver”.
“Whatever I end up in GT cars, endurance racing or other series, doesn’t matter that much, as long as I can make a living of it”, Christian ended.

The first official action for Christian and the team will be on March 2nd-3rd, in an official test on Homestead Miami Speedway. The following weekend the championship starts in Saint Petersburg Florida with a doubleheader weekend. The first time for Christian racing on a street circuit.

Christians team manager, Jay Howard, had no doubt, when Christian asked for another season in his team.

“Christian has proven that he has what it takes to reach the top. First and foremost, he is a winner! And he has the whole package”. 
“Besides that, he has a great personality, and has proven to be a really good teammate”.
“Christian is the kind of driver, that always try hard to improve, and he drives the car to the limit, to try and get the maximum out of the car. I mean - everyone that saw him drive last year, will agree to that”.

“Of course, there is a long way to the top, but he has the potential to get there, and I am very confident that we have the team to get him there. 2018 was a year with great results, and if it hasn´t been for mechanical issues on the car, Christian could have become the champion. He is that good!”
“We look very much forward to have him driving with us in 2019”, Jay Howard said.

Christian would like to thank his sponsors for making this possible. And a special thanks to: 

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2019 sæsonen er startet!

Og det bliver en fantastisk sæson! Hvis du synes Christian havde en flot 2018 sæson, Så kan du godt regne med at denne sæson har potentiale til at blive endnu bedre!

På baggrund af den store succes Christian havde i 2018, som en del af Jay Howard Driver Development, i den amerikanske Formel 4 serie, har begge parter haft et ønske om at fortsætte samarbejdet i endnu et år. I år bliver det bare endnu bedre!

I 2019 vil Christian deltage i ”Road To INDY” programmet. Det er et tretrins udviklingsprogram. Første trin er USF2000 serien, og det er her Christian skal vise talentet frem i 2019. Der er stadig lang vej til INDYCAR, og der kan ske mange ting undervejs, men Christian er helt sikker på at han har taget det rigtige valg.

”Jeg er meget glad for det hele herovre, og Jay (Jay Howard; red) og hans team er det rigtige sted for mig, for at jeg kan udvikle mig som racerkører. Både mentalt og teknisk”.
”Og dette næste store skridt, bliver rigtig spændende. Vi skal køre 8 weekender med i alt 15 afdelinger, og dertil kommer en masse testtid i bilen, så vi skal nok lære hinanden godt at kende”, siger Christian.

Bilen er en Tatuus USF-17 og blev lanceret i 2017 som en erstatning for den gamle og forældede Van Diemen USF2000. Den er bygget op omkring en fuld carbon og aluminium-composite og honycomb monocoque, og den opfylder de nyeste FIA sikkerhedsstandarder. Motoren er en MAZDA 2.0 motor med 175 HK. Bilens samlede vægt uden kører og brændstof er på kun 500 kg. 

I år vil konkurrencen blive skærpet betragteligt, da USF2000 er den officielle vej mod INDYCAR, og der vil derfor være mange dygtige og håbefulde kørere der hver især kæmper for succes. Christian har dog et meget afslappet forhold til konkurrencen, ligesom han også ser på fremtiden med ro i sindet.

”Det er da klart at jeg er lykkelig over at have fået denne mulighed, det første skridt mod INDYCAR, men det er ikke mit vigtigste mål. Jeg vil komme så langt det er muligt i single seater klasserne, og hvis det bringer mig til INDYCAR, så vil det jo være fantastisk, men hvis ikke, så er der SÅ mange andre veje at gå.”
”Jeg er slet ikke i tvivl om at den bedste måde at udvikle sig på som racerkører, er via single seater. De åbne hjul betyder at du er tvunget til at udvise en enorm respekt for dine konkurrenter, og det er en af nøglerne til at blive en god racerkører.

“Om jeg ender op i GT klasserne, Endurance eller andre serier, er slet ikke så vigtigt for mig. Det vigtigste er at jeg kan komme til at leve af det”, slutter Christian.

Christian skal i aktion for første gang officielt under USF2000, i weekenden 2.-3. marts, hvor serien har test på Homestead Miami Raceway, og i den efterfølgende weekend køres de første to afdelinger af mesterskabet. Det foregår i Saint Petersburg Florida, hvor Christian for første gang skal prøve kræfter med en ægte bybane.

Christians teamchef Jay Howard var slet ikke i tvivl da Christian luftede ideen om endnu en sæson i teamet.

”Christian har bevist at han har det der skal til for at nå til tops. Vigtigst af alt – han er en vinder! Og så er han en komplet kører, der bestrider alle facetter af sporten”.
”Ud over det, så har Christian en fantastisk personlighed, og er en ægte holdspiller – meget vellidt i teamet”.
”Christian er en type kører der konstant arbejder på at forbedre sig, han kæmper hårdt og målrettet, og han kører bilen til grænsen hver gang, for at presse det maksimale ud af sig selv og bilen. Jeg mener - alle der så ham køre sidste sæson, vil give mig ret”.

”Vejen til toppen er selvfølgelig lang, og snoet, men der er ingen tvivl om at Christian har potentialet til at nå toppen i sporten. Og jeg er helt sikker på at vi har det team der kan bringe ham dertil. 2018 var et år med mange flotte resultater, og hvis ikke det havde været for mekaniske problemer med bilen, så havde Christian haft en reel mulighed for at være endt som mester i USF4. Så god er han!”

”Vi ser meget frem til at have ham med på holdet igen i 2019”, slutter Jay Howard.

 Christian vil gerne takke sine sponsorer, der har gjort denne rejse mulig. Og en speciel tak til:

Jay Howard | Louis D’Agostino | Allan Brøchner | Joesph Hidalgo | JHDD Crew

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