12 year old Go-Kart driving prodigy, to Formula 4. Magnussen Racing Experience.

Christian Rasmussen was only nine years old when he won his first go-kart championship, and many races, wins and championships later, the talented young driver from the Copenhagen suburb of Dragor, upgraded the racing class and won his first Formula race. His talent is so remarkable that he in early 2017 was awarded “Talent of the Year” – a highly coveted awarded by the Danish Automobile Sports Union.

2017 Christian joins Magnussen Racing Experience.

Christian Rasmussen was awarded “Motorsport Talent of the Year” and together with Jan Magnussen, he will in 2017 fight for the ultimate dream of becoming a professional racing driver.

The successful 17-year old Christian Rasmussen joins Jan Magnussen’s Team in 2017 after landing a Silver Medal in the Danish Formula Ford Championship the previous year. The contract with Magnussen Racing Experience means that Christian Rasmussen in 2017 will represent Jan Magnussen in the new Danish Formula 4 Championship.

There are enormous expectations to Christian Rasmussen’s collaboration with Magnussen Racing Experience. The Team has competed in the Danish Thundersport Championship since 2013, confirms experienced representatives in Danish Motorsport – and Magnussen Racing Experience also collaborates closely with major players among large Danish corporations.

In 2016 he upgraded to Formula cars, and did so well he won the prestigious Award “Talent of the Year”
— Bo Baltzer, Head of Sports, The Danish Automobile Sports Union

Magnussen Racing Experience is owned and managed by former Formula-1 driver and four times Le Mans winner, Jan Magnussen. Magnussen actively participates in the management of the team and acts as a coach for the individual drivers in the team.

As a member on Magnussen’s team, Christian Rasmussen will drive a much more advanced racing car and be part of an International team which will require close communication and interaction with many stakeholder including engineers, data- & statistical expert, sponsors and the various media surrounding the sport.

After delivering excellent results in the 2017-season, Christian Rasmussen's goal will be to step up to Formula 3 in 2018.