About Formula 4.

Designed for speed & evolution

The fast Formula 4 cars are designed with economic optimisation in mind, and to allow especially young driver the possibility to develop in various areas. In addition, the car is designed to have several similarities with Formula 1 cars, i.e. the recognizable wings, which generate a desired downwards, force on the car, and the sequential gearbox combined with the paddle shift by the steering wheel.

The Formula 4 cars used for the F4 US Championship are produced by Onroak, which also produces cars for prototype and touring car racing. 

The engine is a 2,0-litre suction-engine from Honda with approximately 160hp. The car has a combined weight including the driver, of approximately 570 kg, yielding super sports-car capabilities including 0-100km/h in about 3 seconds.

Formula 4 is a natural upgrade from go-carting, allowing the driver an exciting step into the world of real racing-cars. Here, the driver has to learn to deal with gearshifts, suspension, down-force, and data-communication with the engineers.

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